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Institutional Mission
Brookes Bible College exists to provide Biblical education to develop servant leaders who will transform the world for Christ.

Institutional Mission Strategy
Brookes Bible College offers an affordable, two-year, non-residential program, providing each student with a thorough knowledge of God`s Word and tools for applying this knowledge in various fields of Christian service. Bible study technique is, therefore, given special emphasis in every program and course.

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Academic Programs and majors

Code Program Major Level Term View
NDS Non-Degree Seeking Student N/A U 1
ACMF.2015.03 Associate of Christian Mission (Foreign Track) Christian Missions (Foreign Track) U 2
ABCPT.2017.01 Associate of Biblical Counseling & Practical Theology Biblical Counseling & Practical Theology U 2
ABMS.2017.01 Associate of Biblical & Ministerial Studies Biblical & Ministerial Studies U 2
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